Prescription Treatments
PRIORI Idebenone Complex
The most powerful anti ageing, antioxidant treatment. Idebenone complex delivers the highest level of skin rejuvenation that you cannot get from any other Cosmeceutical skincare ingredient. It has been clinically proven to correct the signs of ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even tones and texture, brighten and restore skins youthful radiance and protect against environmental stress better than any other protection on the market.
Priori Idebenone Complex Peel £55.00 *
Priori Idebenone Complex Peel course of 6 £275.00 *
Price: £55
CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals
Priori CoffeeBerry introduces the first and only natural skincare with a cosmeceutical grade in anti ageing benefits. CoffeeBerry is natures most potent botanical antioxidant, three times more potent than green tea. Great for ageing concerns and pigmentation.
CoffeeBerry Facial £40.00
CoffeeBerry Facial course of 6 £200.00 Deluxe Coffeeberry Facial £65.00 Includes hand and arm treatment.
Price: £40
PRIORI COFFEEBERRY Deluxe enzyme facial
This treatment includes hand and arm treatment.
Price: £60
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